Context of AAfH:
Association for Humankind (AAfH) came into existence to engage with contemporary issues and challenges through a dialogue between academic scholarship, applied practice, and intervention in the public sphere in order to make the world a safer place for human differences. AAfH spreads the anthropological applications to unleash and harness the human potential to inspire excellence, solve real-world problems and help humans what they are capable of becoming for making a positive difference in the World.
AAfH’s Vision:
Spreading Anthropological Applications to Solve Human Problems
AAfH’s Mission Statement:
AAfH explores the compelling ways how anthropological knowledge, skills, and methodologies can be put to work in addressing human biological, social, cultural, and economic, health, and climate, moral, intellectual, emotional, and emerging new technological problems. It focuses on anthropological applied domains include global health, medicine, nutrition, human genetics, development, agriculture, environment, population, displacement and resettlement, business and industry, education, and aging, engineering, architecture, designing, and addressing poverty, suffering, corruption, addiction, suicides, crimes, human crisis and depravity and every sphere of human life with an intention to improve the human condition.

AAfH’s Mission Objects:

  1. To promote anthropology as a professional discipline grounded in the systematic pursuit of knowledge of human nature, cultures and societies and its responsible use to solve real world problems.
  2. To establish the ‘International Institute of Anthropological Applications’ to promote the anthropological research and training to engage with the contemporary issues and challenges, to address issues of applied value by adopting new and relevant methodologies pertinent for better deliverance and governance; and to equip students, scholars help them acquire the job-oriented and life-oriented competencies to become successful and contributing members of society.
  3. To provide anthropological knowledge, methods, insights and applications to assist Governments, multilateral institutions, private and third sectors in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  4. To undertake the social impact assessment studies, provide feedback, social analysis and train the personnel in cross-cultural competencies in order to promote highly productive, cooperative, respectful and responsible work spaces, facilitate peaceful social co-existence, assist international development in the emerging pluralistic societies in the face of new and emerging technologies and ongoing processes of globalization.
  5. To publish the “International Journal of Anthropological Applications” to document the different worldwide successful case studies of how innovative anthropological methodologies, understandings and applications made positive difference for humanity. To bring out AAfH Newsletter for circulation of happenings in the Anthropological Association for Humankind (AAfH).
  6. To provide the Governments and private managements enough evidence of high anthropological utility in every sphere of human life and pursue them to include the discipline of anthropology in both the college and the University education as well as to include anthropology as qualifying discipline for the job recruiters.
  7. To excel in the nation-building process by utilizing the anthropological knowledge and applications to do effective and efficient education which include training the kids and youth in Character and intelligence to equip them become both smart and good citizens.
  8. To promote anthropology of morality and ethics as well as moral, ethical, development, applied and public anthropology and professionalize the discipline of anthropology by revisiting the courses, content and to incorporate academic elements of contemporary regional relevance and practice.
  9. To undertake ethnographic studies on the contemporary socio-economic issues plaguing the society at large and marginalized communities in particular. Focus on the most ignored, nomadic and semi-nomadic and such other down trodden and the marginalized people groups, to help them secure dignity, justice and the benefits of the development and quality life.
  10. To organize annual national conferences in the name of ‘Anthropology for India’ where as international conferences in the name of “Anthropology for Humankind” once in two years to promote professional dialogues, new departures, theories, understandings, and findings in anthropology and learn from the success stories of how the anthropological applications could provide solutions to various pressing issues worldwide help improve human condition.
  11. To maintain close contacts and network with relevant associations nationally and internationally and reinforce anthropological sub-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and international exchanges of applied orientation to update and promote anthropological knowledge in order to render holistic services to humankind.

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