The World Applied Anthropology Congress aims to engage with contemporary issues through academic scholarship, applied practice, and intervention in the public sphere. The Congress showcases compelling ways of how anthropological knowledge can address a wide range of human problems. The Congress aims to assemble anthropologists (and scholars of cognate disciplines) virtually or physically from throughout the world not only to show a range of anthropological applications in the present context, but also to create a better future.

As part of its mission, the  Anthropological Association for Humankind is charged with organizing a biennial international conference to promote professional dialogues, new departures, theories, understandings, and findings in anthropology and learn from the success stories of how the anthropological applications could provide solutions to various pressing issues worldwide help improve human condition. The first event ( National Applied Anthropology Conference) occurred in 2021 at Andhra University, with Prof. Arjun Appadurai as the keynote speaker.

The 2023 conference will take place on the campus of the  University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas, USA). In addition to regular sessions based upon submissions in the form of panels, individual papers, or posters, a special session will honor  Prof. Michael H. Crawford (Professor Emeritus, University of Kansas, Department of Anthropology), a founder of the field of anthropological genetics and chair of dozens of doctoral committees in anthropology.

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