Participant Roles at the WAAC:

 A Presenter is a person offering their scholarly understanding of a given topic. They may co-author a presentation/paper/poster/rapid-fire talk with others, but only one person will present the information.

A Panel Organizer
is a person who leads conceptualization of the panel and recruits other participants (Presenters, Chair, Discussant).
The Chair
(of a panel) is the person who facilitate the panel by providing brief introductions of speakers and the discussant, keeping the speakers individually and the panel as a whole on time, and provides the transition between speakers.

The Discussant
(of a panel) will bring professional experience to bear upon any or every papers by reflecting upon the significance, highlighting contributions to the discipline, offering constructive criticism, or asking for clarification from an author.

Participation Policy

As a rule, WAAC only allows participants to play the role of Presenter and a maximum of one other role (Panel Organizer, Chair, or Discussant). A person may not present a single-authored work and a co-authored work in the same year’s WAAC.

A Panel Organizer may play the role of the Chair or Presenter, but not both.

All Co-Authors, even if not present, must register for the WAAC.

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